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Are You Ready To Thrive in a VUCA Digital Environment?  Can You Withstand Severe Interruption and Disruption

Enterprises and their leaders face daily challenges posed by the VUCA operating environment and disruption which both drives and is driven by an exponential rate of change and digital technologies.  The unexpected, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, tests organizational agility, resilience and business continuity capability.


An agile organization delivers value effectively and efficiently; and agility maintains value delivery in the face of changing context and/or actual progress not meeting expectations.  Agility demands a new approach to how organizations understand their context, and develop, execute and evolve strategy —the top-down, linear approach is time-expired. 


We exist to help business leaders develop their organizational effectiveness and transformation capability and to create the conditions for success on a dynamic basis.

​​ VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

 Aggregated academic research conducted shows that up to 75% of change fails, only 68% of employees are engaged, only 56% of strategic initiatives are successful, and 61% of businesses struggle to bridge the strategy/implementation gap.  The conclusion: to survive and thrive, organizations must develop digital transformation capability: the agility to learn, innovate and disrupt others; and to react quickly to competitors’ disruption.  


The same research sources also show that:

  • organizations using a strategy execution system are 7.5 times more likely to be high performing than low performing

  • organizations that integrate leadership development with business strategy execution are 22.7 times more likely to be high performing than others

  • a capabilities-driven approach to ‘value delivery’ leads to higher returns

We Deliver Value

Our solutions deliver a return on investment; these examples of our work were published in Jeremy Tozer's most recent book with client permission:

  • Total revenue increased by 25%, customer satisfaction doubled, annual consultancy spend reduced by 88% (Best Western Australia)

  • New business revenue doubled, assets increased by 31% and ROE increased to 36% within 12 months (St George Bank)

  • Planned investment reduced by 60% through effective development and execution of strategy,while winning two industry awards and increasing customer satisfaction (Cisco)

  • Halving the expected time for a major change to be completed, while doubling productivity and multi-skilling (HBOS Capital Finance)

Ask us about how we would approach helping you to address your needs.

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