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Information & Communication Technology Sector

The Engagement: Strategy Development & Execution Leadership 

The Technical Support Division (TSD) of the leading ‘internetworking vendor’ has moved from a confused, frustrated and direction-less group into a department that is delivering on schedule, under budget, and with extremely high spirits, commitment and teamwork.

TSD has been heralded as the standard for cross-functional teamwork and organization (operational excellence) within the company and has been recognised externally with the presentation of two industry awards.  The key to TSD’s success and ‘change of state’ is the quality of leadership exercised by the Director and the leadership team. This is largely due to an effective programme of ‘practice-based’ strategy execution leadership development, and the rigorous and continuous application of the decision-making and planning mechanisms introduced, with facilitated strategy workshops to align activity to the 'higher intent' and to re-define structure (target operating model) and role relationships.

The process has created the clarity needed for true alignment and built commitment to and accountability for the resulting plan.  With just one slide, the leader can brief internal and external people on the department's mission, structure and strategic plan – this replaces an initial pack of over 25 slides.

The following specific outcomes have been seen:

  • Clear aligned plan, owned by those who will execute it

  • Clarified roles and responsibilities of existing and new positions

  • Communications plan (internal and external) implemented raising awareness of direction and contribution

  • Identified personnel with skills/personal goals not matched to the new TSD

  • Increased reporting of key metrics and analysis of key drivers

  • Identified ‘software centre’ as key driver of dissatisfaction, built business case and achieved funding

  • Eliminated unaligned work, 90+ projects reduced to 30

  • 60% saving on budgeted investment

  • Smooth transition ensured for old/new Directors

  • Continued development of top team leadership effectiveness

  • Recognition of TSD success at Global CEO level – multiple SVP visits to workshops.


The Client Perspective

The Company’s Technical Support and Documentation Website department, which I led, has used Jeremy Tozer's approach to strategy execution leadership for three years now.  Initially, it created clarity of vision, purpose and plan where we had confusion and lack of direction.  The level of clarity and the buy-in obtained through the process for creating that ‘clarity’ has resulted in unity, cohesion and collaboration within the team.

Mission-focused decision-making and planning is a dynamic and flexible process that we use to kick off all our projects and to define our annual business plans. My management team buys into the process wholeheartedly because of the immediate outputs and the consequences of those outputs. The methodology has now become embedded within my group, building our capacity to deliver.

As a result, we have been recognised as a model of effective global cross functional teamwork within the company, we have had our budget increased, and we have won two industry awards following the execution of the strategic plan. We have been recognized by the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) with the STAR Awards for Best Practices in the Self-Service Category. We have also been cited as one of the Ten Best Web Support Sites by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP).  This is another prestigious award that showcases excellence in online service and support.”


Director, US Internetworking Vendor

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