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Professional Services Business Launch Planning

The Engagement

Numeritas is a fast growing UK based niche consultancy organization specialising in financial modelling.  It has recently identified a new market for related services which could lead to its revenues increasing by a factor of ten.  The investment required by Numeritas to develop and offer the new service is however very significant and would involve a step change in the company’s strategic direction.  A further challenge is the need to keep the business going whilst marshalling the resources required to develop and market the new offering.

Jeremy Tozer was asked by the directors of Numeritas to help them encapsulate the future strategic vision for the company, taking account of the potential new opportunity and to facilitate the development of a plan to achieve that vision.  In a three day workshop with the Directors (and some follow up), we facilitated the strategic planning process.

We started with ‘Mission Analysis’ to elucidate and articulate Numeritas’ prime purpose.  A key component of this was the directors’ own personal aspirations and ambitions.  Having gained agreement on this purpose, we then helped them develop their thinking by eliciting the principal factors affecting the aim, the impact of these factors and the steps that were required to progress matters.  From this process we helped Numeritas produce a prioritised and resourced plan of action, with particular focus around how the ongoing business could be managed while the shift in strategic direction took place.

The Client Perspective

I was most impressed with their ability to drive through a structured process to deliver a quality plan in such a short space of time and their insight into our business. Our new opportunity involves a whole host of complex issues that need to be resolved and prior to the workshop we were struggling to clarify their relative importance and impact. We found the relentless questioning intrinsic to the process instrumental in enabling us to gain a clear view of our future vision and how to get there. We also found the whole experience great fun as well as productive”. 

Denver McCann, Director, Numeritas

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